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A collection of our frequently asked insurance questions

    1. Does combining my home and auto insurance really save me money?
      It can! We see an average savings of 20-30% when people combine their home and auto insurance (Safeco, 2020).
    2. When do I need to notify my insurance agent of a new car?
      In the state of Oregon, typical provisions are fourteen days. If you do not have physical damage coverage on another owned vehicle these provisions are only four days (, 2020). With this in mind, it is best to notify your insurance agent as soon as possible to make sure you have the correct coverage.
    3. Do I need to worry about my home as it sits vacant while trying to sell it?
      It is best to check your coverage. Some policies exclude certain damages and losses while your house is vacant. For example, vandalism is typically excluded after sixty days of sitting vacant (, 2020). Our office has special coverage for your home if it is vacant. Reach out to us today to review your policies!

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