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Church Insurance

A church is not a typical place of business and its insurance needs are quite unique.

A house of worship may be a safe haven for many within the community, but unexpected events can happen just the same. It’s important that you keep your church protected with the best insurance policy.

Instances of property liability due to an injury and damages caused by a fire, the weather, or vandalism can be costly for churches, mosques, synagogues, or other religious operations. Just one incident can be so costly that it inhibits your ability to stay open to serve the community that needs you so much.

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What is typically covered in a church insurance policy?

We frequently source policies for churches through several different insurance companies, including some of the best in the industry. Here is a look at what most policies cover.

Property Coverage

Church, synagogue, and mosque structures can and do sustain damage during natural events, accidents, fires, and other scenarios. Whether it is wind damage, an act of vandalism, or something else, property coverage insurance will help you get your religious structure repaired so you can get back to normal operations as quickly as possible.

General Liability Coverage

If an injury happens to someone on the church’s property, you can be held liable as the owner of the property. Lawsuits after these injuries are common, and the costs can be so massive that a church may struggle to stay afloat. General liability coverage steps in and covers the majority of these costs when a liability-related accident takes place.

Business Income Coverage

If something drastic happens at your religious organization, it can mean a total loss of income. Even though church income is a lot different than that of a standard business, the loss of this funding can be detrimental to your ability to stay open just the same. Business income coverage can help during times of financial crisis due to a major event. For example, if your building is partially destroyed by a fire, this coverage would help carry you through while repairs are taking place.

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